A Cold Peace


America, Japan, Germany, and the Struggle for Supremacy


No issue may be more crucial to America’s standing in the world than its widening competition with Japan and Germany, a struggle rooted in the three nations’ potentially irreconcilable yet deeply held cultural and political traditions. In a powerful analysis drawn from two decades of high-level experience in both government and business, Jeffrey E. Garten shows that the greatest threat to America’s national security may well emerge from our reluctance to recognize how the global rules of the game have changed and our failure to adopt a new mind-set not only toward Japan and Germany but ourselves as well.


“This is the book you’ve been looking for—rich with culture, clarity, and facts. It’s a great read.”
– Diane Sawyer, ABC News

A Cold Peace is a highly valuable contribution to the debate over foreign policy, domestic policy, and, most importantly, the connection between the two. All who are concerned with America’s well-being at home and abroad would benefit greatly from reading this book.”
– Cyrus R. Vance, former Secretary of State

“Jeffrey E. Garten feels strongly and writes convincingly about the challenges facing American leadership today. No reader will be left in doubt about how much needs to be done at home and how much still rests on the United States internationally.”
– Paul A. Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

“Simply written and forcefully argued, A Cold Peace should be read by the widest possible audience.”
– Peter G. Peterson, former Secretary of Commerce

“Insightful and challenging…Garten’s prescriptions for change deserve careful consideration.”
– James Schlesinger, former Secretary of Defense

A Cold Peace gives cold comfort to Americans who confuse bashing economic competitors with a national security policy. It is a must read for those who would lead our nation.”
– Leslie H. Gelb, columnist for The New York Times

“An extremely thoughtful and balanced account of the challenges which American faces in a new world where power must be shared with Germany and Japan.”
– Robert B. Reich, Harvard University, author of The Work of Nations

“A superb study of the global economic divisions on the 1990s and beyond.”
– Governor Mario Cuomo

A Cold Peace is a cold shower. It will make Americans both uncomfortable and invigorated with its penetrating analysis and passionate summons for action.”
– Winston Lord, former U.S. Ambassador to China