The Big Ten


The Big Emerging Markets And How They Will Change Our Lives


A dramatic transformation of global power is under way, one only dimly recognized by most Americans. As economics and trade now loom larger than nuclear stockpiles or Cold War ideology, those countries with the fastest growing economies have begun to rewrite the rules of power and influence in the world. These nations are the Big Emerging Markets, and for too long we have failed to recognize their importance. We can no longer afford that luxury.

Drawing on his first-hand experiences at the highest levels of government, finance, and academia, Garten advances a comprehensive plan for America to meet the challenges of this emerging new world. He addresses the critical questions facing American policy makers, business executives, educators, and concerned citizens, and he outlines the bold changes that will be necessary if we are to control our national destiny in the decades to come. The Big Ten will help readers understand the importance of NAFTA, the rise of China, the connection between trade and human rights, and the imperatives for American foreign policy, business, and higher education. Packed with powerful insights and real-life stories from the front lines of international commerce, The Big Ten will redefine the way we think about America’s global role in the twenty-first century.


“From one of America’s best thinkers and writers on the subject comes the pathfinding book on emerging markets and on a new foreign economic policy for the United States. Garten’s analysis and policy recommendations will open up minds and change the way we think.”
– Leslie H. Gelb, President, Council on Foreign Relations

“The Big Ten is essential—indeed, critical—reading for every American who wants to understand our nation’s changing role in the world and its relationship to our lives at home.”
– Peter G. Peterson, Chairman, The Blackstone Group, former Secretary of Commerce, and author of Will America Grow Up Before It Grows Old?

“This is a provocative, well-focused, and cogently argued work that links the fate of America’s workforce and American society as a whole with the enormous transformations taking place across much of the planet—an antidote to all who think only in terms of the traditional U.S.-Europe-Japan triangle.”
– Paul Kennedy, author of Preparing for the Twenty-first Century and The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

“Jeffrey E. Garten’s The Big Ten hits the nail right on the head with respect to the enormous changes the next millennium will bring and how we must prepare for them. A must read for public policy and practitioners alike.”
– John M. Hennessey, Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer, CS First Boston Corporation

“American business leaders ought to read this book. It is insightful, timely, and critical for an effective global business strategy.”
– William H. Donaldson, co-founder, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, and former chairman of the New York Stock Exchange

“Jeffrey E. Garten writes with force and conviction about the need to turn more of our diplomatic and commercial attention to the big emerging markets. Drawing on his broad experience as financier, as public official, and now as academic, he makes a persuasive case.”
– Paul A. Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.